an overview

Ca-ma-ra-de-rie | Mutual trust and friendship through shared experiences.

The Shoe Camaraderie aims to offer an opportunity for learning and connection through the shared experience of shoemaking. It has been created for anyone interested in making their own footwear, either as the initial step in a long-term pursuit, or simply as a once off.

Whether attending the one-day sandal making workshop, or using the sandal making kit, The Shoe Camaraderie’s simplified processes make it the perfect introductory platform for creating handmade footwear. By focusing on sandals rather than closed-toe dress shoes, the workshops and kits can ensure that the participants have the highest chance of initial success, as well as gain exposure to a range of useful shoe making techniques.

In addition to increasing accessibility to the shoemaking process by offering a simplified learning experience, The Shoe Camaraderie also sets out to provide an opportunity to deepen appreciation for handmade goods, particularly those that are worn every day. 

Through understanding how goods are made, the value of those goods can be attributed more accurately and fairly. In doing this, we are promoting greater care and a longer life-span, and in turn, discouraging throw-away consumerism.


Meet Lisa turnbull, founder

Hi, I’m Lisa!

I established The Shoe Camaraderie in late 2017 with the intention of creating a business that not only accomplishes the above mentioned goals, but meets some important personal ones too.

Prior to the workshops, I had been a bespoke shoemaker since 2012, having made shoes for clientele throughout Australia, New Zealand, The US, The UK, Denmark and France. Although this was a largely rewarding pursuit, particularly when addressing sizing needs, it also had a tendency to be quite isolating. It was in recognising a misalignment between my more sociable personality and my work-life, that The Shoe Camaraderie was born. Creating a job that enables interaction and connection with like-minded individuals has been an imperative personal goal for me.  

In addition to running The Shoe Camaraderie, I study Psychology at Queensland University of Technology with an ongoing desire to contribute to the health and well-being of all people. What I love most about The Shoe Camaraderie is that it provides me with an opportunity to build confidence in others by improving their perceived self-efficacy, as well as establish a sense of pride and accomplishment through creating something new.

Please feel free to get in touch should you wish to learn more!