PRIVATE course

Spend five days, one-on-one, learning how to make three sandals of your own design!

The 5 day course is a customised learning experience, focusing students on applying the techniques and skills necessary to design and make women’s sandals. It is designed for the beginner student (no experience necessary) who wants to feel confident in the independent production of women’s sandals. Bookings will need to be organised via email to schedule in a week that suits.

Outcome: 3 pairs of sandals of your own design + confidence in production of sandals after the class.
Duration: 5 days (9am - 4.30pm)
Capacity: 1 student per class
Cost: $3000 (Brisbane location only)
Materials: All included + set of essential tools to take home

Each student is expected to research 3 designs they would like to make. These styles will become the three project pairs they make during the course. The styles will need to follow similar construction techniques used in the workshops and kits offered by The Shoe Camaraderie. This can be worked out via email or over a coffee prior to the class.

Upon completion of the course, the student will have designed and made the three pairs of sandals they designed, and feel confident in the production of sandals on their own. Whilst it will take more than one week to feel 100% self-sufficient, the process will set you on your way for further play and experiment which is how you will learn more deeply.

This course is based in Brisbane only. If travelling interstate is required, travel and accomodation expenses are not included in the course fee and will need to be covered by the student.


Course Activities

  • Pattern Making / Design & Development

    The three designs you have pre-selected may be original ideas you have sketched up, or they may be existing designs that you love. If the ideas are based off existing designs, we will look at ways to modify each style to make it original. 100% copies are not permitted. Once we are happy with the designs, we then start creating the pattern and testing fit.

  • Leather

    Leather for the course is provided. The colours available are black, tan and white. However, we will go on an excursion to three local leather suppliers to learn about which leathers will work best for your styles. During this time, you are more than welcome to purchase additional materials and use those materials instead of the ones provided. In this case, you can take the supplied leather home for future use.

  • Cutting / Clicking

    Cutting the pattern pieces with scissors, rotary blade & metal ruler, or clicking knife and metal ruler.

  • Upper Stitching

    All the pieces that comprise the upper part of the shoe are skived, folded and stitched together to create your assembled (closed) upper.

  • Lasting / Making

    In this process the stitched upper is pulled over the shoe-last and fastened to the insole. Once the upper is attached and set in place, the soles and heels are attached.

  • Finishing

    This is where the sole and heel is trimmed, cleaned and stocked ready for wear. All shoes made by the student are for the student to keep.

  • Refining

    During this stage, we further develop the techniques in areas that students feel they need to further improve upon.

  • Sourcing

    Providing guidance to students to source their own materials, tools & equipment.


All materials for the course will be supplied. Further to this, students will be guided in the sourcing of materials for shoe production after the course.


9am - 4.30pm daily, over period of 5 days.

Course Fees

The course fee is $3000, including tuition and materials for three pair of shoes, as well as the ongoing ability to make sandals after the course. A 50% deposit is required to secure the course, with the balance 2 weeks prior to the course start date. Alternatively, payment can be made in full. Should the course be cancelled, whether after the deposit or full payment, 25% of the total fee will be kept to compensate for any losses in planning and preparing for the course.

Terms & Conditions 

By accepting this course the participants agree to not facilitate any sandal making workshops for women, that would be in competition with The Shoe Camaraderie, for a period of 18 months after the course start date. All participants will be required to sign a non-competitors agreement prior to deposit.

Whilst participants will not be able to host their own sandal making workshops after the course, they are encouraged to produce footwear for themselves and others, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

Please review the course outline and agreement attached HERE.


To express your interest in partaking in the 5 day course, please send an email to: