the Kit

Make your own sandals at home! No prior experience is required.

The kits are perfect for anyone who would enjoy making their own custom-fit sandals!

Outcome: Your own pair of custom-fit sandals
The Sandal Kit: $300AUD + shipping
Materials & Instructions: for one pair of sandals
The Specialty Tools Kit: $95 (one-off purchase, not all styles require this)

Each kit comes with a range of important and necessary items for making shoes, including patterns, instructions (written, illustrative and video), materials, glue and some key tools. There will be enough materials for one pair of shoes. You may have some leftover glue and other bits remaining. Get creative with these and see what you can make!

Please scroll down this page to learn more about what is included in the kits, as well as what will need to be sourced separately.

* Prior to ordering a kit, please read through The Shoe Camaraderie Terms & Conditions page.

The Sandal kit | Freya
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The Sandal Kit | Ines
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The Sandal Kit | Astrid
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The Sandal Kit | Romi
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The Sandal Kit | Cosette
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The Specialty Tools Kit
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INCLUDED in the sandals kit

  • Leather for shoe upper (enough for chosen style)

  • PVC innersole material @ 4mm thickness (enough for chosen style)

  • Resin/rubber pre-cut heel pieces x 2 @ 6mm height

  • Resin/rubber pre-cut outsoles x 2 @ 3mm thickness

    (accommodates women’s sizes 6-12. Larger soles can be arranged via email)

  • Signature black buckles (enough for chosen style)

  • Leather rand (enough for chosen style)

  • Shoe glue & brush (enough for one pair of shoes)

  • Patterns for chosen style (accommodates all sizes)

  • Marking pen - used for marking out patterns on leather 

  • Instructional booklet with illustrations

  • Access to video lessons (per style)

INCLUDED in the specialty tools kit

  • Miniature hole punch

  • Oblong hole punch for buckles

  • Strap-end punch

  • Shoemaker’s knife

  • Lacing chisel

  • Lacing awl

  • Edge bevel

  • Sewing needle 

  • wax thread (enough for chosen style)


  • Scissors (for cutting leather - Mandel or Kasser are some of the suitable options)

  • Shears (from local hardware store)

  • Hammer (standard household will be suitable)

  • Masking tape 

  • Measuring tape

  • Paper or light cardboard

  • Pen/pencil

  • Metal ruler 

  • Cutting mat

  • Gas lighter (to melt the wax thread)


Shoe-lasts have not been included in the kits and are not essential to the process of making sandals at home. Sandal styles and instructions are catered for making without shoe-lasts. However, you are welcome to invest in a set of shoe-lasts should you prefer. Please consider that the instructions may not translate clearly for making in this way. An investment in shoe-lasts will need to be done of your own accord.

When finishing shoes, you want to create a smooth edge. Typically this is done using a table sander which can be sourced from your local hardware store. You can get mini sanders for approx. $50. Investing in this piece of machinery will allow you to make your shoes all the time and master the finishing technique. However, if you do not have space for a bench sander, another great option is to purchase a metal file from your local hardware store. The metal file will slowly remove the excess soling and heel material away. This is a much slower process, but could be a more comfortable place to start before using machinery. Instructions for sanding and filing the edges of your sandals will be provided. If both of these options don’t seem suitable, then you can take your finished work to your local shoe repairer and have them do the edge sanding for you. This is a great opportunity to build a relationship with your local shoe repairer who may be able to offer additional help and guidance throughout your shoemaking journey!