LIMITED EDITION | Silver Sandal Kit!

LIMITED EDITION | Silver Sandal Kit!


PRE-ORDER: Delivery for pre-order is 6-7 weeks from time of purchase.

When choosing your style, please note if it requires the additional one-time purchase of The Specialty Tools Kit. The specialty tools can be used on other styles. Not all styles require the use of tools.


  • Access to instructional online tutorials covering each step in the process - you will be sufficiently guided and supported!

  • Instructional booklet with illustrations

  • Leather rand (rubber alternative available as an option at check-out)

  • PVC high density midsole material - 1.5 square feet @ 4mm thickness 

  • Resin/rubber pre-cut heel pieces x 2 @ 6mm height

  • Resin/rubber pre-cut outsoles x 2 @ 3mm thickness

    (accommodates women’s sizes 6-12. Larger soles can be arranged via email)

  • Signature black buckles (enough for chosen style)

  • Shoe glue & brush (enough for one pair of shoes)

  • Patterns for chosen style (accommodates all sizes)

  • China-graph pencil (used for tracing patterns)

This option does not include leather. You will need to source your own alternative for the leather upper - the top part of the shoe that covers your feet, as well as leather lining - the material used to cover the midsoles/foot bed.

** The leather rand can be replaced by The Shoe Camaraderie with rubber alternative making this a 100% leather free option. You will be able to opt for this at check out.

Reasons for choosing this option may be because you would prefer to use your own leather, or because you would like to make shoes from leather alternatives, i.e. Pinatex.


  • Scissors (for cutting leather - Mandel or Kasser are some of the suitable options)

  • Masking tape 

  • Measuring tape

  • Paper or light cardboard

  • Pen/pencil

  • Metal ruler 

  • Gas lighter (to melt the wax thread)

  • Alternative for leather upper, i.e. Pinatex - you will need a minimum of 4square feet of chosen material.

  • Alternative to leather lining for midsoles, i.e. heavy cotton/canvas - you will need a minimum of 1.5 square feet of chosen material.

  • If you chose the kit without leather, you will need to source replacements for the leather upper and leather lining.

You do not need to choose a size for this kit as the patterns and instructions accommodate any size.

Please read through The Shoe Camaraderie Terms & Conditions page prior to purchase.

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