The Shoe Party (6 people)

The Shoe Party (6 people)


This option includes patterns and instructions for three styles, materials for six pairs of sandals, and a small set of the necessary tools (with some multiples). You will not be required to purchase The Specialty Tools Kit.

Upon pressing the ‘add to cart’ button, you will be prompted to fill out a form with the chosen styles and leather colours for the group.

Style Names: (from top to bottom) The Astrid Sandal (appears in white), The Ines Sandal (appears in beige), The Cosette Sandal (appears in beige), The Freya Sandal (appears in tan) & The Romi Sandal (appears in white).


  • Access to instructional online video lessons for three styles

  • Instructional booklet with illustrations for three styles

  • Leather for shoe upper (per maker)

  • PVC high density midsole material @ 4mm thickness (per maker)

  • Resin/rubber pre-cut heel pieces @ 6mm height (per maker)

  • Resin/rubber pre-cut outsoles @ 3mm thickness (per maker)

    (accommodates women’s sizes 6-12. Larger soles can be arranged via email)

  • Signature black buckles (based on style chosen, per maker)

  • Leather rand (per maker)

  • Shoe glue & brushes

  • Patterns for chosen styles (accommodates all sizes)

  • Tracing pens

  • Shears for cutting through soling material & heels

  • Strap-end punch

  • Oblong hole punch

  • Mini hole punch

  • Lacing chisels x 3

  • Lacing awls x 3

  • Edge bevel

  • Needles & wax thread (per maker, based on styles and colours chosen)

  • Sandpaper (some hand sanding work)


  • Scissors (for cutting leather - Mandel or Kasser are some of the suitable options)

  • Masking tape 

  • Measuring tape

  • Paper or light cardboard

  • Pen/pencil

  • Metal ruler (30cm is fine - use if cutting straight lines)

  • Rotary blade (use if cutting straight lines)

  • Gas lighter (to melt the wax thread)

  • Your preferred option for finishing your shoes (the final sanding)

  • Cutting mats

You do not need to choose a size for this kit as the patterns and instructions accommodate any size.

Postage & Handling: Your kit will be posted within a week from the time of order. Delivery periods vary per location.

Please read through The Shoe Camaraderie Terms & Conditions page prior to purchase.

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