The Sandal making KIT | refunds

* The Sandal Making Kit is non-refundable, but in the event that the materials are faulty or get damaged during delivery, a replacement set will be sent out at no additional cost. Please notify The Shoe Camaraderie within 7 days of receiving the parcel with accompanying images.

The Sandal Making Kit has been designed for beginners and whilst the step by step guide is extremely thorough, this alone does not guarantee the successful outcome of your sandals. Purchasing The Sandal Making Kit does not come with a guarantee of perfect work. However, the kit does come with sufficient guides and learning materials to provide each maker the best chance of successful outcomes.

In the event that the materials provided get mis-used during the making process, you can purchase a second batch of materials from The Shoe Camaraderie via email. It is recommended that you test run using practice materials, i.e paper, canvas, cardboard, etc.

Please ensure you have read through all the information on The Kits page prior to purchase, as well as the Terms and Conditions set out here. It is important that you are fully informed of all inclusions and exclusions, as well as appropriate use of provided materials.


Each design available for the kits has been created by Lisa Turnbull from The Shoe Camaraderie. In purchasing a kit, you will be provided with the patterns for these designs. These designs are for personal use only, they are not to be reproduced for commercial purposes.

Each kit provides a range of instructional materials, both written and filmed. A great deal of effort went into the creation of these instructions. They are not to be replicated in anyway or used for commercial purposes.

The specialty tools kits | REFUNDs

The tools provided in The Specialty Tools Kit are the basic hand-tools required for some of the styles available. Not all the styles on offer for The Sandal Making Kits will require the use of these hand-tools. The two types of kits have been kept separate for this reason. The Specialty Tools Kit is non-refundable, but in the event that the any of the tools are faulty or damaged during transit, a replacement set will be sent out at no additional cost. Please notify The Shoe Camaraderie within 7 days of receiving The Specialty Tools Kit with accompanying images to organise for a replacement.


You are welcome to cancel at any time, however, every cancellation will incur, at a minimum, a cancellation fee of $50 which will cover administrative costs as well as booking and refunding fees incurred by The Shoe Camaraderie. In addition to the Cancellation Fee of $50, the timing of your cancellation will depict whether you will receive a full or partial refund. Please read the variations in refund amounts as per the terms below.

If you provide more than two weeks notice…

If you provide notice of your cancellation with more than 2 weeks before your workshop date, you will receive a full refund minus the Cancellation Fee of $50. This amount of time should allow for your space to be filled by someone else so that no loss has been incurred by The Shoe Camaraderie.

If you provide less than two weeks notice…

Should you cancel within the two week window prior to the workshop, you will receive a refund of 50% of the total workshop cost, minus the Cancellation Fee of $50. Should you feel that you need to cancel during the two weeks leading up to the class, try to see if a friend might want to take your spot so that no losses are incurred.

If you cancel on the day…

Should you cancel on the day of your workshop, you will not receive a refund - the full amount of the workshop will be forfeited. This is due to the loss that The Shoe Camaraderie would incur by not being able to replace your spot in that class, as well as the time lost in preparation of your class materials. In the event that you cancel on the day of the class, you will not be able to transfer your spot to another person as all materials have been prepared specifically for your feet as per the measurements provided prior to the workshop.

If The Shoe Camaraderie cancels the workshops…

The workshop you booked into may need to be cancelled due to not enough bookings. In this situation, you have one of two options to choose from: 

1. You can be rescheduled with first priority to a future workshop in your area, OR
2. You are entitled to a full refund that matches the amount you paid for the class. The cancellation fee of $50 will not be applied in this scenario.

The Shoe Camaraderie reserves the right to cancel any workshop if there are not enough participants to make the class viable. Cancellation may also occur if the facilitator is unable to make the class due to unforeseen events, i.e. illness. Should either of these occur, a full refund will be issued.  


Rescheduling your workshop is possible, but will need to addressed no later than 2 weeks from your workshop date. This provides enough time for your space to be filled. Should you not attempt to reschedule and make no contact regarding your inability to attend the class, you will forfeit your spot in the class and the full cost of the workshop. 

workshop | incomplete work

In the event that you do not complete your sandals during the workshop timeframe, the class facilitator will complete the work after the class and post back to you within three weeks of your class date. This allows the facilitator to schedule the work in amongst other commitments that have already been planned. The cost of postage will need to be covered by you.

workshop | Style choice

Once you have submitted your chosen style and colour, the choices are locked in. You will not be able to change your mind on the day as a great deal of preparation goes into each class.

workshop gift vouchers

Purchasing a workshop gift voucher subjects the purchaser/recipient to the same terms and conditions for workshop bookings. Please see above.